VIP Meet and Greet service at Brasilia BSB airport

We provide VIP Meet and Greet service on arrivals, departures and connecting flights. Our greeter will assist you every step of the way during your jorney through the airport. Our service is available to all passengers, on any airline and in any ticket class.

  • Brasilia BSB airport VIP Arrival service

  • Brasilia BSB airport VIP Departure service

  • Brasilia BSB airport VIP Connection service

  • Brasilia BSB airport baggage assistance

  • Brasilia BSB airport special assistance

  • Brasilia BSB VIP transfer service

Representatives are available 24/7. If you have any questions please call +1 855.575.9847 or contact us by Email



The first time I sued them I found them on the internet and had 30 mins advance notice. Universal saved the day and started my boss's trip off on a great foot. I now use them whenever I can and am very happy I just happened to click on their name when I had an emergency!
I am a the Owner of a Travel Agency. We had clients who needed assistance at the Frankfurt airport with a very tight connection, I booked Universal Sky Services. They were so efficient and responsive to deal with and my clients raved about their agent at the airport. Yes they made their flight with a bit of time to spare.
I had never used a VIP service such as this, but had a situation recently where my daughter was in a foreign country, didn’t speak the language, had an injury, needed to leave asap, and had to navigate through multiple terminals, baggage claim, customs, and getting to the correct gate. I hired Universal Sky Services (within 48 hours of her flight) and it was the best $400 I could have spent. While the gentleman that met my daughter didn’t speak much English, they were able to communicate and she knew he was a kind, thoughtful person. Everything was smooth until they got to customs and there was an issue because she had entered the country with her school group, but was leaving earlier than her documentation showed and was not with her group. The Sky Services agent was invaluable when it seemed like customs was not going to let her leave. He was able to help keep my daughter calm, and eventually, after several tense minutes, was able to speak to someone and help them understand her unique and pressing circumstance. I cannot thank this Universal Sky Services agent enough for assisting in such a stressful situation. I will now use this service for my own travel, and will recommend to anyone that asks.





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  • Are children permitted? Are there any discounts?

  • Do I need to tell you of every little change to my plans?

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