VIP Meet and Greet service at Columbus CMH airport

We provide VIP Meet and Greet service on arrivals, departures and connecting flights. Our greeter will assist you every step of the way during your jorney through the airport. Our service is available to all passengers, on any airline and in any ticket class.

  • Columbus CMH airport VIP Arrival service

  • Columbus CMH airport VIP Departure service

  • Columbus CMH airport VIP Connection service

  • Columbus CMH airport baggage assistance

  • Columbus CMH airport special assistance

  • Columbus CMH VIP transfer service

Representatives are available 24/7. If you have any questions please call +1 855.575.9847 or contact us by Email


I have used their services in several cities in US, as well as in London (UK) - was always great! Guys are professionals, was feeling really safe and comfortable, especially when you are in an unknown airport an have no connection on your phone. Have tried other companies too, but would very much recommend this one for sure! Excellent service! Thanx!
Without USVIP's connection service there is no question that the long delay to our inbound flight would have caused us to lose a day of our Caribbean vacation. Your sheer professionalism turned our transit through the terminal from what could have been a holiday disaster into what will become one of our most treasured memories!
"بصراحة خدمة رائعة و بنصح الكل فيهم شكرا على الخدمة الممتازة ♥️ انا الي خلاني اكتب هل حكي لان اختي حامل معها ٣ اطفال و ١٢ شنطة تقريبا جايبن من رياض على لندن ، استقبلها واحد اسمو احمد مصري الجنسية و اهم شي انو بيحكي عربي و فورا ركبهم بسيارة المطار ، و بما انو اختي حامل كان اهم شي بالنسبة النا انو ما توقف بالدور تبع الجوازات ولا شناتي ف الحمدالله احمد طلعهم من اول ما وصلو عالمطار لطلعو بأقل من نص ساعة خاتمين جوازاتهم و اخدين شنطهم و الحمدالله اختي لا تعذبت وتعبت و كانت كتير مبسوطة 🥹🥰 مشان هاد سبب انا حبيت اكتب عنهم و انصح الكل فيهم "
Great service! I highly recommend USVIP SERVICES.





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