VIP Meet and Greet service at Heraklion HER airport

We provide VIP Meet and Greet service on arrivals, departures and connecting flights. Our greeter will assist you every step of the way during your jorney through the airport. Our service is available to all passengers, on any airline and in any ticket class.

  • Heraklion HER airport VIP Arrival service

  • Heraklion HER airport VIP Departure service

  • Heraklion HER airport VIP Connection service

  • Heraklion HER airport baggage assistance

  • Heraklion HER airport special assistance

  • Heraklion HER VIP transfer service

Representatives are available 24/7. If you have any questions please call +1 855.575.9847 or contact us by Email


Per la prima volta ho usato questo servizio e lo trovo fantastico. Ti da la possibilità di raggiungere l'uscita dell aeroporto in pochi minuti, senza dover fare lunghe code per il controllo del passaporto e per prendere la valigie.Lo inizierò ad usare sempre più spesso anche perché' lo staff e' molto efficace e professionale.
Excellent service, we are really very satisfied, thank you guys :-)
Great experience booking the VIP Meet & Greet service at ORD through Universal Sky Services. I will use them again.
The service was excellent. I was met immediately I disembarked from the plane at LHR, and at a time when LHR was recording 3 - 4 hour wait at Passport Control, traveling with a toddler would have been ... I do not regret using the Airport Assist service. it was a seamless passage for me and my family. The personnel was very polite, friendly and patient. Even when BA messed up by distributing passengers' luggage on 4 different carousels, he was very supportive. I would recommend this service to anyone. Thank you Universal Sky Services for a great experience.





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