VIP Meet and Greet service at Malaga AGP airport

We provide VIP Meet and Greet service on arrivals, departures and connecting flights. Our greeter will assist you every step of the way during your jorney through the airport. Our service is available to all passengers, on any airline and in any ticket class.

  • Malaga AGP airport VIP Arrival service

  • Malaga AGP airport VIP Departure service

  • Malaga AGP airport VIP Connection service

  • Malaga AGP airport baggage assistance

  • Malaga AGP airport special assistance

  • Malaga AGP VIP transfer service

Representatives are available 24/7. If you have any questions please call +1 855.575.9847 or contact us by Email


It was a Sunday night and my passengers plans had changed whereby i had to connect her from JFK to SAV. She was 79 years old and had 2 suitcases, a stick, and had to get from Terminal 8 to Terminal 4. She contacted me from her flight seat to ask me to arrange a meet and assist. It was 12H35 in NYC and she was busy flying from DOH to JFK. She was due to arrive at JFK at 15H00 . Universal Sky Services were UNBELIEVABLE i established contact via email they answered immediately and it was so personalized. They helped me every step of the way. They sent me a picture of the person meeting my client. I paid and it was all done in less than an hour me in CPT and them in JFK. They were INCREDIBLE. I cannot thank everyone involved enough and will now going forward only ever make use of Universal Sky Services! Thank you so much for making it such a personalized and easy experience . Regards Julie Coetzer Xl Absolut Travel, Cape Town South Africa
Fantastic! I use USVIP (Universal Sky Services) frequently. I depend on them to book my transportation, as well as book greeters at the airport. I can't being to emphasize how fantastic it is to have airport greeters - the are employees of the airport who can get you checked-in, zoom through security lines, etc - it's truly the VIP service for those who need convenience. The limo companies they work with are also fantastic. I couldn't be happier - I'm a customer for life!
Top notch! Provided a red carpet experience. Would highly recommend them for their professionalism and detailed execution. Thanks for making my travels less hectic!
"I would like to extend my appreciation to all the team members that made my wife experiance in Chicago airport joyful, smoothly and remarkable, especially Mr. Vasu who showed a huge dedication and commitment towards the services to make it unforgettable. Thank you for your hard work, thank you for your dedication and thank you for your leadership. I will always refer your service and your fine company as the best ever. Very best Regards "





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