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VIP Salon
Indulge in luxury at our exclusive VIP Lounge, with personalized service. Experience seamless journeys with our tarmac car transfer, providing direct access to and from the aircraft.

Experience seamless luxury with our VIP Salon Arrival Service. From chauffeured transportation to lounge access upon arrival, enjoy a stress-free transition. Relax in comfort while we manage airport formalities, ensuring a smooth start to your journey.


Enjoy effortless luxury with our VIP Salon Departure Service. From personalized assistance at the airport to seamless check-in and security clearance, relax in the lounge as we handle logistics, including chauffeured transportation to the aircraft.


Navigate transit effortlessly with our VIP Salon Connection Service. From smooth transfers to expedited security, relax in the lounge while we manage arrangements, including chauffeured transportation to and from gates, ensuring a seamless transition.

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What our clients say
The customer service we received from US VIP was ultimately exceptional. Our greeter Hillary showed highly commendable care and commitment to our handicapped relative, who needed assistance from the bus through security and to the boarding gate. Despite delays and misinformation from the bus, our greeter persevered and shared excellent communication with us. He went above and beyond the call of duty and showed amazing devotion to the customer. He showed a lot of compassion and care, to say nothing of his patience, in a difficult situation. Based on this experience, we would highly recommend the US VIP Meet and Greet at Toronto Pearson. First-class customer care, with a heart of genuine kindness!
Garry Sherbert
18 Aug 2023
I booked USVIP services for my family arriving into Heathrow from Sint Maarten and let me tell you!, It was thee best decision that was made while planning this entire trip! The service was top notch! Their greeter Youssef got them right from the jet bridge and assisted through all the lines, assisted with baggage, and he never left their side from the time they disembarked till their vehicle transfer. The lines would’ve been around 3-4 hours if it was not for USVIP. Definitely worth every penny!
Adrien Nicasio
17 Sep 2023
This is a long overdue review about Sky VIP Services. I cannot recommend this company enough. I've used a handful of VIP Airport Greeter services in the past, for many of my passengers, and none come close to holding a candle to Sky VIP. They do not miss a beat. Their customer service and worldwide greeters are unmatched. I am a client for life!
Senator Travel, Inc.
24 Aug 2023
Dear VIP Services It took me a couple of days to recover from my jet lag, but I didn’t want another day to go by without telling you that Daniel, my greeter In Marseille was amazing.  He was absolutely incredible and I could not have been more pleased with the service.  Please tell him on my behalf how very impressed I was with his friendliness, not just to me, but to all the people at the airport.  I was in awe!!  Please know we will be using your services again on our next big adventure. Sincerely Teresa Hargis
Teresa Townsend Hargis
10 Sep 2023
Recently, I used SkyVIP's meet and greet service at Milan Airport, and it was exceptional. Their seamless and professional approach turned a potentially stressful journey into a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Antonio, my greeter, was prompt, efficient, and knowledgeable, navigating me through the busy airport with ease. His expertise helped bypass lengthy queues, resulting in a swift passage through customs and immigration. I felt like a valued guest, not just another traveler. SkyVIP displayed genuine Italian hospitality, ensuring I felt welcome and cared for. Thank you!
Kat Lopez
11 Jul 2023
I used the service to pickup my son who took a semester in Europe course and it was a treat for him to get a pickup and VIP service on his return to the USA - especially since it was a very early flight which meant he had to be picked up at 4:30am - a time when getting a cab could have been difficult. The service was excellent - great communication and he had an easy and seamless experience from the door to his apartment to the jetbridge at Florence airport. Excellent job SkyVIP ******
Bill Rosenthal
19 Jul 2023
I am a Luxury Travel Consultant and airport meet and greet regularly for my clients traveling Internationally. Recently, the SkyVIP Assistant tracked my clients late flight and was there at the delayed arrival in Munich to greet him and escort him to the rebooking desk as he had missed his international flight. My client was so pleased to have priority placement in line and to have his confirmed First Class seat for the following day with hotel and transfer vouchers included. He felt very personally cared for in a stressful situation thanks to SkyVIP Services. Thank you for providing this excellent airport service to my clients.
Robbin Rouillard
08 Oct 2023
Absolutely superb. I was transported, met at JFK, checked in, wizzed through the formalities and deposited in the business class lounge in a very short period. Took my breathe away. Victor my driver was excellent and a joy to ride with and Terrance at the airport was totally professional and extremely helpful I was in awe of how he got me through to fast. Thoroughly recommend this service, it’s wonderful.
Bev Purdie
15 Oct 2023
Fantastic service! Arranged for my family to be met at Chicago O'Hare airport by SkyVip Services. From wheels down till I saw them, in 60 minutes at the International terminal 5. Thank you for keeping me up to date on their whereabouts and looking after them. Friendly, efficient, helpful and caring people. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
Niek Venter
18 Oct 2023
I engaged SkyVIP for both directions of travel and I was very happy with the services I was rendered, by Javed. I missed my connection due to airline delays in the first direction and Javed directed me to the transfer desk at CDG as well as helped with communications with the agent. He then assisted thru the various terminals/gates/security screens in 2E as well as gave me a short overview of the terminal we ended in. The yotel isn't clearly indicated and his directions were wonderful in getting me to it. The second direction, my incoming flight was delayed, so the transit time was only 45 mins. Javed streamlined the transfer and I was very glad for his speedy transfer of me thru the security lines to get me to my departing gate. All in all, a rather wonderful experience and I would most definitely engage this team again, and specifically Javed, especially if I were traveling thru CDG. I'll be on the lookout for this service in other airports as well now.
Rahul George
16 Nov 2023
Recently booked VIP FastTrack service in LAX for my VIP traveller. Super responsive team from SkyVIP and my traveller experienced an exclusive, seamless airport concierge service to avoid the notoriously long LAX queues. He enjoyed the comfort of an exclusive VIP lounge with immigration, customs, security and check-in for his onward flight taken care of privately. Well worth the $$ spent to ensure my VIP felt like a VIP. Qudos to SkyVIP. Will definitely book again.
tania labour
20 Nov 2023
Francisco was the best from start to finish. As soon as he greeted us we breezed through or fast tracked through every single line of the airport while others were waiting for what seemed hours. We would have not made it to our flight had It not been for Francisco. His customer service and knowledge of the airport was just phenomenal and overall grateful for this experience leaving Italy. He also carried all of our bags and answered all of our questions. Greeted us at every gate to take us everywhere we needed to go. Overall 10/10. You want Francisco if you use this company. He is the best in europe!
Loc Phu
30 Nov 2023
SkyVIP Services met us yesterday, December 2, 2023, when we arrived at the airport in Santiago, Chile for our flight to Panama. We were delayed getting to the airport by our cruise ship and barely had enough time to get on the flight. The company's representatives, Maria and Marco expedited the whole process from check-in to immigration to security, getting us through without having to wait in any lines. VIP treatment all the way!! We got on the plane about 3 minutes before the gate closed. Without the services, we would have been stuck at the airport for who knows how long! We plan to hire SkyVIP Services whenever we fly outside of the U.S.
04 Dec 2023
This was my 2nd time utilizing SkyVIP Services at CDG. Again, I was super impressed and so pleased I booked your services!! Javed, the staff that met me was professional, efficient and friendly. He saved me nearly 2 hours of waiting time in unusually long immigration lines and knew his way around perfectly. Worth every penny! Thank you!!!
Mark Howard
28 Nov 2023
I want to express my gratitude to this company for the VIP concierge service at the airport. I have utilized their services several times and am delighted each time. The company even accommodates emergency bookings and operates 24 hours. In Geneva, we were promptly greeted at the plane’s entrance, escorted to a separate transfer, and smoothly navigated through dedicated passport control, making us feel like kings. Additionally, whenever I travel from abroad to the USA, we breeze through passport control without waiting in line, a process that takes no more than 5 minutes, compared to the usual 2-hour queues. Obsessed. Thank you
Sablina Fox
16 Dec 2023
I want to express my gratitude to this company for the VIP concierge service at the airport. I have utilized their services several times and am delighted each time. The company even accommodates emergency bookings and operates 24 hours. In Geneva, we were promptly greeted at the plane’s entrance, escorted to a separate transfer, and smoothly navigated through dedicated passport control, making us feel like kings. Additionally, whenever I travel from abroad to the USA, we breeze through passport control without waiting in line, a process that takes no more than 5 minutes, compared to the usual 2-hour queues. Obsessed. Thank you
Sablina Fox
16 Dec 2023
I would give more stars if I could. The guys are worth every cent they are charging. I’m using the VIP connection service at Istanbul airport for my elderly parents on a regular basis. It’s super convenient and reliable. The back office is responding my emails immediately 24/7. The greeter meets my parents right at the exit from the plane, helps with the luggage, takes them by the electric car to all the controls (fast track included) and then to a lounge, and finally picks them up from the lounge and takes to the gate for the next flight. Last time the arriving flight got seriously delayed, the greeter went above and beyond - he was able to meet them and to check them in for their connecting flight in just 20 minutes, with a dog and all the formalities related. I’m very thankful and highly recommend the service!
Ludmila Kokorich
25 Dec 2023
Excellent VIP Airport Service. Our Greeter (Pierre Hernandez) was professional, on-time and knew airport well. We were rapidly whisked through the crowded Airport on both arrival and departure. Great VIP lounge at Cancun International Airport in Terminal 3. Good food, clean lounge and reserved seating for VIP clients of Universal Sky. Worth every cent. Highly recommended.
Sheri Munro
16 Jan 2024
If you are a traveler looking at the prospect of navigating a large airport, maybe for the first time or don't have time to waste, I would highly recommend enlisting the help of a service that can help shepherd you through the gates of a massive airport and better yet through immigration if you are traveling internationally. There are a few services out there offering several levels of assistance, through customs, tarmac greetings and such. For me, I will only use SkyVIP Services. Their services are next level! They are responsive, willing to exhaust all recourses to provide help to the traveler and everything is clear and transparent. Their prices are very competitive also. I had a last minute trip through Munich to attend a funeral. I had so much going on that where I could get help, I was grateful. I had worked with SkyVIP a few times before and, therefore, thought I'd reach out to them again. It was the 11th hour so I wasn't sure if they could pull it off. For back-up, I also reached out to other services as well. Of course, I received some great suggestions from the other services "You should reach out a week in advance"....yes great, thank you, but this was not an option. With SkyVIP, I received, "Yes, we will do everything we can to help." AND THEY DID! They stayed in communication with me every step of the way and, sure enough, it got done. They coordinated with someone who helped me navigate through immigration then to a lounge where I could sit and wait before they came to retrieve me for my connecting flight. Everything was executed flawlessly! I highly recommend SkyVIP. Excellent next level service!
anh castro
24 Jan 2024
SkyVIP was a lifesaver for us in Istanbul. We missed our connecting flight and the greeter helped us with reticketing and securing a hotel room. The next day a greeter met us at the airport at 4:30 am! The Istanbul airport is huge and we would never have been able to figure out where to go without the help of SkyVIP. I will definitely be using this service again.
Geri Brand
31 Jan 2024
We used US VIP Services upon arrival from DFW to Narita. Our greeters were waiting for us at the gate and assisted us with our carryon luggage. We were expedited through customs (greeters had already filled out the necessary paperwork for us) and we were at baggage claim in five minutes from deplaning. We were transferring to a different terminal on a separate ticket and our greeters had arranged a car to expedite the trip to the new terminal. They helped us check into China Air and helped solve a check in issue (passport had middle name and ticket did not). Once checked in they expedited us through security and immigration and escorted us to the airline lounge. Using this service took alleviated all the stress of arriving and transferring in a foreign airport. We highly recommend the service and will use again on our next overseas trip.
Suzanne Birnbaum
01 Mar 2024
Unbelievable experience departing Aruba Airport on a Monday afternoon! The service made the trip to the airport as easy as flying private. Through two customs and two security checks in under 15 minutes, easily would have taken 2 hours without. Will absolutely book again!
Matthew Davis
26 Mar 2024
My daughter spent 14 hours flight from Narita, Japan to Frankfurt, Germany with her 4 month baby. When landed at Frankfurt, she was tired and exhausted. But after successfully meeting with SkyVIP people, everything went comfortable and smooth. I strongly think SkyVIP service is the right choice for the people who need support like my daughter. I also appreciate the way staff has communicated with me. Every question I have was responded quickly and it was active 24 hours. Service quality of SkyVIP is definitely beyond my expectation.
Noriya Yokota
31 Mar 2024
I have been using the SkyVIP service for over a year now and they have always met my expectations. Today’s connection was especially tight with a 35minute flight arrival delay which left barely 50 minutes between terminals. Their representative got me through door to door in 20 minutes and I made My connection. Well worth it. Thank you.
Jean Claude Saada
01 Apr 2024
I was assisted by SkyVIP Services during recent FCO airport departure. The company and their agent Simona provided excellent and very friendly support. In every way, it was coordinated very well and my departure went smoothly. My sincere thanks to SkyVIP Services for the great experience!
Will Step
20 May 2024
We used SkyVIP services to depart London's Heathrow June 2024. Methew met us at the departing gate. The experience was amazing as we did not have to think about where to go, we just listened to Methew. He took us thru a few paths that saved us a ton of time thru Customs and even helped with the bags! Methew contacted our ride service to ask them to come a bit early as he expedited thru the airport quicker than I could have dreamed of. Since we were still a half hour early, Methew suggested we use the Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge to freshen up and get something to eat and drink. Brilliant!! I had no idea about the lounge, right there was worth the costs. Methew escorted us from the gate to our car smoothly and stress free. Great guy you have working for you.
Mark & Jodi Rosko
06 Jun 2024
We have used Sky VIP Services for airport concierge service in Europe several times. It is well worth the money because it saves a lot of time being able to bypass long lines and go straight up to the security, immigration and passport checkpoints. If arriving or leaving from Rome, ask for Allesandra as she was the most helpful person ever assigned to us.
Brett Balthrope
23 Jun 2024
Our guide was waiting right outside the gate when we deplaned. He was professional, kind, patient & knowledgeable. He wished us to the lounge & we were able to rest & relax till our connection. Paris is a large and confusing airport. These services were worth every penny
Marcia Brooks-Pooler
26 Jun 2024
I am very pleased with the service provided by SkyVIP at O'Hare airport. They went over and above the call of duty to greet and assist our daughter and grandkids during their journey and tight connection at the airport. I highly recommend their service for anyone traveling in their service area.
Lisa Lis
08 Jul 2024
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