DXB Airport VIP Assistance Services Lets You Enjoy Your Dubai Trip

Airport Meet and Greet Services can enhance your travel experience. We provide comfort, convenience, and efficiency during arrivals, departures, priority boarding, and transits. More than these, we assist you and be a friendly companion in the world’s busiest airport filled with strangers.

What to Do at Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport is one of the world’s busiest airports, offering a wide range of amenities and airport assistance such as Dubai Fast Track, Meet, and Greet Service to make your layover enjoyable. Here are some things you can do at Dubai Airport:

Terminal 3 at DXB Airport

Terminal 3 at DXB Airport

Take a Stroll Around the Terminals

If you only have less than 3 hours before your connecting flight, you can explore the terminals of Dubai Airport. The DXB airport has luxury boutiques, lounges with VIP services, duty-free shops, local souvenir stores, and a lot more. It occupies more than 2000 hectares of land so that’s a vast area to discover amazing amenities.

Indulge in Duty-Free Shopping

Shop at your heart’s content at Dubai International Airport. The airport is filled with shops from electronics to cosmetics, from traditional Arabic items to branded goods such as Marks & Spencer, LV, Prada, and more. If you have enough money to pay for extra luggage, you can buy gifts, and souvenirs such as gold and flowers to bring home for your family and friends.

Duty-Free Shopping

Duty-Free Shopping

Relax in any of the Lounges at Dubai Airport

You can get lounge access through a membership, buying a pass, or booking a business-class flight. Amenities and facilities may vary from one lounge to another. They may include complimentary refreshments, free access to WiFi, shower, and spa services. Regardless, staying in a lounge is a great way to relax while waiting for your next flight.

Winston Smoking Lounge

Winston Smoking Lounge

Unwind in the Zen Gardens

The Zen Gardens of Dubai are located in Terminal 3. So if your boarding gate is between B7 and B27, don’t forget to take a brisk stroll into these gardens. They even have nap pods where you take a quick power nap to refresh your mind. Despite the hustle and bustle, the gardens are tranquil enough to make you relax while waiting.

Zen Gardens inside Dubai International Airport

Zen Gardens inside Dubai International Airport

Enjoy a Stay at an Airport Hotel

Book a hotel stay if your layover is overnight or would take at least 24 hours. These hotels are as luxurious as those accommodations found outside the airport. Plus, you don’t need to rush when it’s time to board your plane. You’ll also have enough time to explore other amenities and popular destinations in Dubai. If you have a hard time booking a hotel, you can avail of our airport assistance services and we’re more than happy to help.

Savor a Meal in any of the Restaurants in the Terminals

You have various dining options: Dubai International Airport food court or restaurant. Each terminal is teeming with food establishments, offering various cuisines. The price might be slightly higher than those restaurants outside the Dubai Airport. Still, they’re more convenient than having to go outside the terminal for some meals and refreshments.

Dining options at DXB Airport

Dining options at DXB Airport

Use Other Amenities

You can get a relaxing massage in a spa and wellness center or connect with your loved ones through free WiFi. You can try a VR zone if you’re up for an adventure. Maybe, you can refresh yourself with an accessible shower in the public bathroom located in Terminals 1 and 3. If you’re traveling with kids, you can let them play in kids’ play areas.

Hotels Near DXB Airport

If your layover will last at least 24 hours or even shorter, you deserve to rest and relax while waiting. Here are awesome recommendations for your next check-in.

Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai

Approximately 5 minutes away, this hotel has shuttle services and various dining options. It even has a pool where you get a quick dip if you’re up to it.

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre

Just around 2 Kilometers away from the airport, this hotel offers luxurious rooms, a spa, and expansive conference rooms.

Roda Al Bustan Hotel

If you love elegant rooms, try Roda Al Bustan. Just a short drive from the airport, you still have time to explore the city if you want. The hotel offers a shuttle service to its guests.

Holiday Inn Express

This hotel is perfect for those who are tight on budget. The price might be affordable but the accommodation is comfortable, which includes a free breakfast and complimentary shuttle service.

Hotels Inside Dubai Airport for Transit Passengers

Transit passengers are those who’d be staying in Dubai for 8 to 96 hours. Often, they have transit visas and need to leave Dubai before the 96-hour end. Here are hotels in Dubai Airport for transit passengers.

Dubai International Hotel

This hotel is inside the secure zone. You don’t need to undergo immigration and security to access the hotel. The hotel is in Terminal 3 and offers convenient access and standard to premium accommodations for transit passengers. You can choose between short-stay and overnight options.

Sleep ‘n Fly

This hotel is perfect for travelers with layovers of less than 8 hours. Located in Terminal 1 near D-gates, it offers a simple but comfortable style, combining necessity. The lounge-like hotel operates on an hourly pay accommodation with 24/7 check-in/out.

Snooze Cube

This accommodation is similar to sleeping pods that are getting popular nowadays. Despite its location in a busy airport, you can still enjoy your stay and sleep. All pods are soundproofed. The minimum required stay is 2 hours and an hour may cost at least $20 for a single cube.

How to Book Taxi and Other Transportation in Dubai

You have several options to book transportation to reach or leave Dubai International Airport. Here are five ways you can avail of transport services when visiting or leaving Dubai:

Airport Taxi Services in DXB airport

Airport Taxi Services in DXB airport 

Online Booking: It’s easier to book a taxi through your smartphone than 10 years ago. You can use Careem, UBER, or RTA Dubai Taxi. Just select your pick-up location and drop-off point.

Hotel Concierge: Booking transport could be part of your hotel accommodation. If not, ask the concierge personnel and request a taxi or any transport available.

Meet and Assist Services: You can book Dubai Fast Track or Arrival meet and assist services for a hassle-free airport transfer. All you need is to book our airport assistance service and we will find the best transport for you.

Airport Taxi Services: If you don’t have time to book, you can always use the official taxi service of Dubai Airport, located in the arrivals area.

Private Car Rental Services: Not comfortable with public transport? Private car rentals are also available at a slightly higher fee. But, some are affordable for guests traveling on a budget.

Pay Parking at Dubai Airport

Each terminal has its pay parking. Depending on the parking location you choose, a day can cost Dhs125 for Day 1 premium rate and Dhs100 for Day 2 onwards. Economy parking is the farthest from the terminal, which is approximately a 10-minute walk. It costs Dhs85 for Day 1 and Dhs75 for succeeding days. For hassle-free parking, you can book and pay online.

How to Avail of Wheelchair Facility at the Airport

Dubai (DXB) Airport assistance for the elderly and people with special needs is available through the following means:

Call the Airline for Assistance

You can phone the airline that you need a wheelchair or special assistance. Book ahead of time, at least 48 hours before your scheduled flight.

Book Meet and Greet Services

If you’re unable to call the airline for special airport assistance, you can avail of a meet-and-greet service to assist you. The professional greeter will coordinate what you need with the airport. They’re going to meet you at the designated meeting point.

Use Airport Accessibilities

All airports are equipped with ramps, elevators, and other special accessibilities to accommodate flyers with disabilities. You can use them whenever necessary.

Tips When Using a Wheelchair or Special Needs Facility

  • Arrive early. Early arrival will give enough time for the airport staff to arrange the service you availed of.
  • Go to the check-in counter and notify the staff, unless you’ve booked VIP assistance. Even then, it’s common courtesy to be polite every time, especially in a busy airport.
  • Bring your documents. Although it’s not required to bring any disability documents, always bring them.
  • Communicate properly. The airport is a busy place and some staff may already be tired to provide the best customer service. If you haven’t received the assistance you expect, be courteous and communicate what you need.
Terminal 3 Dubai Airport

Terminal 3 Dubai Airport


Where can I find the Dubai Airport map?

You can find a map of Dubai Airport on their official website or Dubai Airports Authority. Look for the tab or icon Maps. Alternatively, you can ask your meet-and-greet assistant for a copy if you can’t find one.

Can you meet transit passengers at Dubai International Airport?

Whether you’re a friend or a relative, you can’t meet transit passengers for security reasons, unless you have a special pass to do so. So, if you want a friend who is a transit passenger to meet you, your friend has to get a transit visa and go through an immigration check.

How many terminals does DXB airport have?

DXB airport has three terminals. International airlines use Terminal 1 is where International flights while Terminal Two is for regional and cargo flights. Terminal 3 is exclusive to Emirates Airlines.

Why should I avail myself of Dubai Fast Track services?

These terminal Fast Track services expedite your smooth journey, especially in the immigration and security, hand baggage trolleys. If you like VIP treatment, this is your option to reduce stress and enjoy convenience at its finest.

Need airport assistance on your next air travel? Book a meet-and-assist service to avoid long lines in passport control, immigration, security, and access to baggage reclaim. Get special access to lounges and other amenities.