Heathrow Airport Meet and Greet

19 Mar, 2024
You deserve a stress-free and memorable trip. With our meet-and-greet service at Heathrow Airport, you now have more time to enjoy places in and around the airport that we mention in this guide. We ensure that you arrive and depart with a smile. We elevate your airport experience to new heights with meet-and-greet VIP services at its finest.  
Places to Visit Near Heathrow Airport
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Windsor Castle near LHR Airport
Heathrow Airport is a well-connected airport, located to the west of London, England. If you spend a layover here, we recommend these popular options for you:
  • Windsor Castle: approximately, 10 to 15 minutes away from the airport, explore the iconic beautiful castle.
  • Kew Gardens: see this garden with more than 30,000 different species of plants in 20 minutes from the airport.
  • Hampton Court Palace: features beautiful gardens and the famous hedge maze.
  • Legoland Windsor Resort: perfect for Lego enthusiasts and kids.
  • London: Heathrow Airport is just a few miles. Explore the iconic city with its landmarks, parks, museums, restaurants, and theaters.
You can reach these places by bus, taxi or private car. If you’re planning to stay overnight, stay in one of the majestic hotels near Heathrow Airport.
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Holiday Inn Express near T4 Heathrow Airport  
Places to Stay Near Heathrow Airport
Get a relaxing stay in one of the hotels near and inside Heathrow Airport. Alternatively, you can stay in a lounge to take a quick nap or refreshments before your next flight.
Hotels At the Heathrow Airport
Hotels at Heathrow Airport offer convenient and comfortable accommodations for travelers who prefer places near their departure, boarding gate, or arrival areas. Aerotel in Terminal 3 focuses on efficiency, at the same time, relaxation.
Hilton in Terminal 4, on the hand, combines luxury and convenience with their elegant rooms and dining options. Sofitel in Terminal 5 indulges travelers with French-inspired hospitality.
Hotels Near the Heathrow Airport
If your layover is more than 6 hours and you want to visit amazing places in Heathrow and nearby cities, you need a place to stay. For a comfortable stay and on-site dining near T2 and T3, you can check in at Holiday Inn.
Radisson Blu is another option, offering modern rooms and a spa. Others include Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn Express, Premier Inn, Renaissance London, and DoubleTree. Alternatively, you can book a meet-and-greet service to help you with booking your desired hotel.
Heathrow Airport Lounges
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South Lounge in Heathrow Airport
Access to the airport lounge is through a day pass, your airline, or a membership privilege. You can choose from various lounges available at the airport where you can visit to relax and get connected. These are Plaza Premium Lounges in T2 and T4, No1 Lounges in Terminal 3, and Club Aspire Terminals 3 and 5.
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Car Park at London Heathrow Airport
London Heathrow Airport Car Parking
The airport offers short and long-stay car parking. A short stay is perfect for drop-offs, pick-ups, and short trips. Guests and travelers can park their cars for a few hours up to two days. A short stay has a higher rate than other parking options due to the proximity to the airport.
Long stay is perfect for travelers who will be out of town or country for long periods. Rates are much cheaper than a short stay because the parking space is located a bit far from the airport. From there, flyers can ride a shuttle bus to reach Heathrow.
Places to Eat at Heathrow Airport Before Security
From global cuisine to local favorites, Heathrow Airport is a haven for food enthusiasts eager to embark on a delectable journey before takeoff or during a layover. Here is a partial list of restaurants in each terminal.
Places to Eat Heathrow Terminal 2 before security
  • The Queen’s Arms – ideal for plane spotters
  • Costa
Places to eat at Heathrow Terminal 3 before Security
  • Pret a Manger (has other stores in other terminals)
  • Black Sheep Coffee – freshly baked goodies, coffee and smoothies
  • The Oceanic
  • Costa
Places to Eat at Heathrow Terminal 4 before security
  • Caffè Nero – 4 other shops are also located in T3 and T5
  • Co-Pilots Bar & Kitchen deliciously diverse menu of British and international classics
Places to Eat at Heathrow Terminal 5 before security
  • The Globe
  • Caffè Nero
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Places to Eat At Heathrow Airport After Security
Heathrow Terminal 5 restaurants after security
  • Starbucks with 3 stores and 1 in Terminal 2 
  • Fortnum & Mason Bar
  • Gordon Ramsay Plane Food
  • Itsu
  • Vagabond
Heathrow Terminal 4 restaurants after security
  • Caviar House & Prunier Seafood is also available on other terminals
  • Joe’s Coffee House
  • Carluccio’s
  • The Commission
  • The Prince of Wales
Heathrow Terminal 3 restaurants after security
  • Caviar House & Prunier
  • EL&N
  • Spuntino
  • Yo! – Japanese restaurant
  • The Curator
Heathrow Airport terminal 2 restaurants after security
  • London’s Pride By Fullers – popular with a ‘grab and go’ selection
  • Big Smoke
  • The Perfectionists’ Café
  • Shan shui – Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines
  • Wonder Tree
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Heathrow Airport Disability Assistance
Heathrow Airport offers disability assistance to all passengers who need it. Disability assistance ranges from specialized equipment to assistance dogs. It also includes airport assistance for the elderly. Here are a few things to remember before going to the airport:
  1. Contact the airport in advance, at least 48 hours before going to the airport.
  2. Make travel arrangements if you need a service animal in flight.
  3. Get as much information as you can manage before arriving
  4. If you have a hidden disability such as autism, anxiety, or dementia, you can get a special lanyard that you can wear at the airport.
  5. Remember your designated meeting point.
  6. You can avail of a meet and greet assistance to help you with special assistance and let the professional greeter do everything for you.
With Fast Track service, you can avoid long lines at baggage claim, passport control, customs, and immigration check-in. You can reach your departure area or move out of the arrival gate quickly. Plus, our friendly staff can assist and escort you from the air bridge to the aircraft door if you don’t have anyone to accompany you.
Heathrow Money Exchange
Never worry about money exchange while at Heathrow Airport. You can order 4 hours before your flight and have your money exchanged with the currency you need. Some of the providers are Travelex and Moneycorp.
Map of Heathrow Airport
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Things Allowed in Hand-carry Baggage
Every passenger is entitled to two hand-carry bags as long as they don’t exceed the required dimensions. Personal Items, important travel documents, electronics, and medications are allowed. You can include bottles, diapers, and baby carriers if you have a baby. For people with special needs, walking aides are allowed. Liquids are allowed provided they’re placed in a sealed container below 100ml.
Can I take food through airport security?
Yes but on certain conditions. For example, you need dietary food due to medical conditions. Bring your doctor’s endorsement that you will need it for medical reasons. Generally, solid food is allowed inside your carry-on but check on specific restrictions when visiting other countries.
Can I take food in my hand luggage at Heathrow airport?
Yes, but food should be solid such as sandwiches and snacks.
Does Heathrow Airport have free wifi?
Yes. You can access their WiFi by registering and following on-screen instructions throughout the duration of your stay at the airport.
Does LHR Airport offer sleeping pods?
Unfortunately, the airport doesn’t have sleeping pod facilities. However, it offers many options in hotel accommodations that are within walking distance.
Book our VIP services now for hassle-free travel, whether it’s a layover, in transit, or a regular flight. From arrival to departure, we will assist you and be responsible for your comfort.